Distinctive features



Marzocchi Pompe developed along its 50 years of activity several distinctive features that have allowed it to stand out as one of the leading brands in the market of external gear pumps and motors.

These competencies enable Marzocchi Pompe to add value not only to the Product but also to Service provided to their Customers:

  1. The high vertical integration which allows the manufacture within the Company of all the key components to ensure only the best quality of the product no matter if the supply is of just 1 or 1000 units
  2. The focus and the know-how to be able to always ensure the widest range of products as well as integrated and industrialized solutions. 
  3. The achievement of a critical mass and a high production capacity to guarantee the most competitive prices to the Customer;
  4. The closeness to the Customer, which is the Center of all activities and the service of Marzocchi Pompe;