Environmental policy and ISO14001

Environmental policy and ISO14001 certification



Environmental Management System


Date: 27/09/2022



Environmental protection must be part of our corporate culture, to ensure respect for the context and the company in which we operate. The commitment and attention of EVERYONE are essential to effectively protect the environment that surrounds us.

For this purpose, we indicate the main guidelines to refer to in Marzocchi Pompe with this document. 

It is our commitment:

  • Respect all applicable laws on environmental protection and comply with other obligations of compliance of stakeholders;
  • Spread specific responsibilities at all management levels aimed at monitoring and applying the environmental protection regulations of the law and internal provisions;
  • To ensure that environmental impacts are reduced over time, adopting, as far as possible, technical standards, knowledge and advanced techniques;
  • Grow a proactive culture over time aimed at achieving safe behaviors and attitudes on the part of personnel in terms of environmental protection;
  • Define specific objectives for continuous improvement for performances of the Environmental Management System.
  • Include environmental, social and economic sustainability in corporate investment and growth strategies, which today represents a real competitive advantage.


Here are the principles we refer to improve the Environmental Management System:


  • The responsibility for the activities is distributed and assigned to the Entities in possession of the organizational and decision-making tasks to carry out the specific tasks; the Manager of the Management System acts as a coordinator and collector of information and is responsible for supervising the correct functioning of the System, without personally entering into specific operations;
  • The Management System is designed to be consistent with our organization and focused on the truly relevant environmental aspects, limiting documents in paper form as much as possible, to the advantage of the IT management of information and data;
  • The Management System undertakes to:

  1. protect the environment, reducing the impact of the production phases on it and paying maximum attention to the consumption of natural resources;
  2. protect society and people by guaranteeing justice and equality in the treatment of collaborators, creating the right conditions of safety in the workplace and instilling a sense of belonging in all company areas;
  3. spreading the circular economy by creating value for growth, development and progress, with great attention to every single person.
  • It is essential that the training of personnel for activities relating to environmental protection is duly planned and carried out;
  • All personnel operating on the site and for the site must be properly informed of this environmental policy document and of the structure and purposes of the Environmental Management System.

The commitment to sustainability, respect and care for the environment in which we operate is a fundamental component of our work and the achievement of our goals on these issues must constantly be our priority.



Download our Environmental Policy 2022 in PDF



ISO 14001


In March 2017 Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A. NEPLA plant obtained the ISO 14001 certification whose standard provide guidance on how to consider the various aspects of purchase, storage, distribution, product development and production in order to reduce as much as possible their environmental impact.

Download Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A. ISO14001 certificate here 


Elika Anodizing



The strategic approach of Marzocchi Pompe is to think in a long-term perspective, always setting precise and achievable targets over time.


There is an urgent need to change our relationship with Nature: this requires the greatest transformation of all and is also and above all a change in our way of thinking.

The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has certainly amplified the need for a deeper connection with the Environment around us, both locally and globally.


We therefore have a duty to investigate the use of materials that impact on our environmental footprint and to assess their short, medium and long-term effects.

This has led us to re-evaluate the anodizing of Elika pumps.


To read the full document on the stop of anodizing Elika pumps click HERE