Marzocchi Pompe has become one of the world leaders in its sector thanks to the commitment and passion that we have always lavished in our work. We want to consolidate this position and try to improve it further. In order to do this, we must always keep in mind and try to enhance our cornerstones every day, or rather “our DNA”.


Quality, efficiency, technology

These are the main key factors that can allow us to continue selling a proudly Made in Italy product. A very high level of the quality of our product, monitored through the indicators of the various components of the Supply Chain, such as the PPM Customers, the Internal Departments and our Suppliers, is obtained first of all with the care and dedication that each of us and our partners must put in their daily work. Efficiency, monitored in various ways, including adherence to standards and punctuality, is essential to remain competitive. Anyone can and must make their own contribution: the ideas of each of us are the building blocks that allow us to be more and more solid. Always looking for new technologically advanced ways, both in projects and in production processes, is the key to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.


Continuous improvement

We must interpret these values in a dynamic way: it is nice to achieve results but from the next day you can always do something better.


Systematic approach

Only by measuring can you improve ... the patience to collect data, to share them and to periodically analyze them together with colleagues, to define the actions to be taken is a skill to be applied diligently.



Without an ethically correct approach, everything previously mentioned would lose its meaning. Carrying out our work conscientiously and honestly, on any subject and at any level, must therefore be our first rule. Great things are obtained by adding many small things day after day: we always remember the values that are part of our DNA and put them into practice in our work to always make the road on which we walk bright..


PAOLO MARZOCCHI                                                                                                             GABRIELE BONFIGLIOL

Chairman                                                                                                                              CEO                                 


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