MARZOCCHI POMPE guarantees the original purchaser of its products, to their advantage only, that the products are free from defects in workmanship and materials when operated under normal conditions and in accordance with the recommendations given by MARZOCCHI POMPE and / or the company. This warranty is valid for the period indicated below.


For a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of initial start-up but no later than twenty-four (24) months from date of manufacture marked on the product.
This warranty will not apply to products which, in the sole judgment of MARZOCCHI POMPE, were contaminated, handled carelessly, incorrectly installed, tampered with or incorrectly regulated, improperly used or used in the wrong application.

The purchaser is solely responsible for determining the suitability for use. The liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at the discretion of MARZOCCHI POMPE, of products proved to be defective as a result of our examination, within the warranty periods provided. This warranty policy does not provide for a refund or credit for defective material. The spare parts or parts supplied in replacement will be covered by the same terms of this warranty as the original product.

Defective products claimed and under warranty must be sent to MARZOCCHI POMPE freight prepaid. Shipments charged to the recipient will not be accepted. If, after proper examination, MARZOCCHI POMPE agrees with the defectiveness of the product and the fact that it is covered by the warranty, you will be issued a credit for the prepaid freight and the repaired or replaced goods will be shipped at the expense of MARZOCCHI POMPE. If the returned products are found not to be defective or if they are no longer under warranty, the buyer will be charged the inspection and repair costs or replacement of products and these will be returned at the expense of the recipient.

This warranty is the only warranty, express or implied, given on MARZOCCHI POMPE products. Any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes that go beyond this express written warranty and any other obligation on the part of the seller will be excluded. The terms cannot be altered, modified or claimed, except under specific written communication from MARZOCCHI POMPE addressed to the purchaser.