Marzocchi Pompe newsletter nr. 2/2016

We continue to have fun

That's right. Ongoing activities in our company are moving forward at full speed, and despite the difficult economic situation, we are optimistic in the medium term. Surely mobile market slowed mainly by the crisis of the agricultural machine, the oil & gas market still affected by low oil prices, the Brazilian, Indian, Russian and Chinese non-performing economies as a few years ago, making everything very critical and our market even more aggressive. But we know we have a powerful and reliable product but also competitive. We place great emphasis on pre-order and our Customers entrust us with projects and need not simply support. Our Customers in the mobile market look for a reliable product, in the industrial market want high performance and automotive Customers who require an ISO TS certified Quality System as well as the specific validation tests by our R & D. Meanwhile we update our website and we inform our Customers about what we do. Surely we continue to have fun
Aldo Toscano - Sales & Mktg Manager
We are keeping to promote our product Elika with increasingly significant results. Customers who are using ELI2 and ELI3 especially in the industrial market increasingly draw more and more a competitive advantage over all other solutions available on the market. Not only for the particularly low level of noise and pulsations but also looking for high performance, high efficiency and versatility of use. As we know these characteristics are becoming more and more requested from a market moving with higher growth rates than the traditional one and where keywords are efficiency, energy saving and attention to the environment (with respect to the noise level).
Even in the mobile sector both the applications in the public field than the more general one (forklifts, buses or tamping), a gear pump allowing to remain below the legal noise limits without adding expensive dumping reduction systems, is more and more appreciated. In fact  it is not uncommon that the pump produces a frequency higher than the noise nuisance of the thermal engine. Moreover such dumping reduction systems often result as palliative solutions.
Marzocchi Pompe is developing the ELIKA displacement towards higher, up to 200 cc / rev, but is starting to assess the feasibility of helical rotor pumps below 10 cc / rev to give superior performance and reliability to pumps / technologies available now on the market.
PTP Project (Pumps Trasformation Project) that we recently began proposing to our italian sales network, and that will soon be available to the foreign sales network, allows the distributor to perform various operations on the product. In particular, the possible operations are:
- Transformation of a pump in stock to another different model from the first replacing its components;
- Generation of an option on a pump in the distributor stock;
It is also available  for the distributor joining the PTP, an online portal where it is possible to compare the pump's bill of material to be able to realize from a pump in stock another different pump;
For each Distributor that will take part to the PTP network it will be carried out a dedicated technical training by Marzocchi Pompe's technicians and at the end it will be issued the certification to operate as PTPoint.
The first distributor to join the PTP world is the company Oleodinamica Palmerini of Perugia.
Three employees of the Company Palmerini stayed in Casalecchio near the Marzocchi Pompe facilities where they had the theoretical and practical course for the transformation of Marzocchi's pumps.
At the end of the training, Marzocchi Pompe has provided Palmerini  trainees the diploma entitling them to officially operate as PTPoint.
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To see PTPoint network on Marzocchi website click here
The new Marzocchi Pompe company profile was first introduced at the Bauma trade fair in Monaco in April. The main changes include the new section on ELIKA pumps, its technical presentation and the potential applications of this product.
In addition to the new graphic layout, it is possible to obtain at a glance the range of Marzocchi products thanks to charts inserted as regards both aluminium gear pumps and motors (ALP series and ALM) and the aluminium and cast iron gear pumps and motors (GHP series and GHM).
You can easily download the pdf of our new company profile by clicking the link below
It is now available on our web site both in Italian and English sections the download area from where you can download all the pdf technical catalogs of our whole product range.
From the ELIKA series to micropumps, from the integrated valves products to our short stack pumps all our documentation is now available on the website by clicking the link below: