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Marzocchi Pompe is a Company that has developed its size and product range over the years and is now one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of external gear pumps and motors. 


Marzocchi Pompe product range, also thanks to the strong product specialisation, Marzocchi Pompe product range is one of the largest available on the market and is able to meet the needs and demands of any type of Customer. 

3D Area

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Sales Network

Relying on a strong network of distributors throughout the world, a group of internal and external salesman and a consolidated subsidiary in USA, we can reach our customers virtually anywhere and with the same response in terms of product availability and support.

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Dritev Germany

DRITEV - Baden Baden - 5/6 July

Automotive Symposium - Booth 53 #MarzocchiPompe




4,50 – 90,50 cm3 / 0.27 – 5.49 in

White Paper


White Paper

Digitization of industrial processes - the experience of Marzocchi Pompe

Thanks to the Digital 360 Network and in collaboration with Horsa and SAP, the Marzocchi Pompe Team addressed key issues related to the evolution of its ERP:

What are the key tools, skills and strategies to support the digitalization of industrial processes? What can be done to minimize IT costs without losing efficiency? How to gain access to timely information on resource and production time trends? Why focus on next-generation ERP to make data-driven business decisions?

All this and more in this white paper available at industry4business.it



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