Montirone Foundry




Montirone is an aluminium alloy foundry

which carries out its mould making and moulding activities

and moulding, using die-casting technology

technology since 1981.



40 years of history

The company, which has been in business since 1981, acts as a partner responsible for the manufacture of castings to customer specifications using various types of aluminium alloys, including special alloys such as L91 and Pyral. Specialized in small-medium sized castings with high technological content, Montirone cooperates with the Customer for the definition and construction of the moulds according to the component to be manufactured (Co-Design logic),carries out the casting up to the pre-machining stage and is available for post-machining up to the supply of the finished product thanks to the cooperation with qualified external suppliers.


Marzocchi Pompe uses aluminium die-cast components with special features for its products - in 1999 a joint-venture with Montirone took place, which today supplies the die-cast components used on Marzocchi external gear pumps.


Montirone is equipped with:

7 cold chamber presses from 260 tons to 660 tons

  • 1 BUHLER Evolution B 530 ton press
  • 1 press BUHLER Evolution B 260 tons 
  • 3 STP presses 320 tons
  • 1 BUHLER Evolution B 660-ton press
  • 1 press BUHLER Evolution B 420 tons

All islands are fully robotised and equipped with die temperature control, robot, punching press and air cooler.


Montirone s.r.l.
Via Einstein, 15
40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)
Tel. + 39 051 824851
Fax + 39 051 6871182

Giacomo Angelini