Ethics Code



Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics


The commitment of Marzocchi Pompe is aimed at being the first choice partner for all customers looking for ad hoc solutions for their applications, for the functioning of moving parts. To achieve this goal we provide high quality innovative products and services and value-added solutions, making sustainable and responsible use of resources both socially and environmentally.In order to build a relationship of trust and to demonstrate our commitment to supporting sustainable development throughout the value chain of our operations, including our suppliers, we ask all suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct specifies the minimum standards that Marzocchi Pompe expects from all its suppliers. Marzocchi Pompe also expects suppliers to apply, as far as they can, these minimum standards also to their own subcontractors and sub-suppliers.Similarly, Marzocchi Pompe expects suppliers to make every effort to adapt to international and industry best practices. Naturally, the suppliers are required to comply with all the laws, rules and regulations in force in the countries where they carry out their activities. Marzocchi Pompe expects suppliers to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, but recognizes that embracing these fundamental principles is a dynamic rather than a static process and encourages suppliers to support its mission through continuous improvement research. To demonstrate and communicate the work performed and the improvements achieved in the face of these principles, the supplier must possess the necessary internal tools (eg procedures, instruments and measurement indicators). Marzocchi Pompe has the right to conduct on-site reviews or inspections to assess the status and progress of the supplier towards the implementation of the principles. All Marzocchi Pompe employees who have dealings with suppliers are required to ensure that the Code of Conduct for Suppliers is adequately known and understood by suppliers. Suppliers must ensure respect for the human rights of employees and treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community.


Fight against discrimination

Suppliers will not discriminate against employees based on race, skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, union membership, national origin or marital status in hiring and employment practices such as employment applications, promotions, prizes, access to training, assignments, salaries, benefits, disciplinary actions and dismissal. In addition, Suppliers will not require employees or potential employees to undergo medical examinations that could be used in a discriminatory manner, unless they are prescribed by applicable laws or regulations or necessary for safety in the workplace.


Proper treatment

Suppliers undertake to ban any form of harassment and discrimination from the workplace. Suppliers will not subject employees to or threaten to subject them to excessively harsh or inhuman treatment, including sexual harassment, psychological and physical coercion and verbal abuse.


Prevention of forced labor and human trafficking

Suppliers will not practice trafficking in human beings or employ any form of slave labor, forced, obligated, bound or in captivity. This includes transporting, hosting, recruiting, transferring or welcoming people by threat, force, coercion, seizure, fraud or pay to people who have control over others for exploitation purposes.

All work must be voluntary and employees will be free to quit their job or to terminate their employment contract with reasonable notice. Employees must not be required to deliver any identification document issued by the government, passport or work permit as a condition of employment: the documentation required for hiring will be that required by current regulations.


Prevention of work below the minimum age limits

Child labor is strictly prohibited. Suppliers will only hire workers who are at least 15 years of age or have the minimum age required by law. Suppliers must obtain and keep the documentation necessary to legally prove the date of birth of all their employees.


Minor employees

Suppliers may hire minors over the legal minimum age limit applicable for hiring, but who are under 18, provided they do not perform work that could endanger their health, safety or integrity moral.


Working hours, salaries and benefits

Subject to emergency or unusual situations, the work week will be a maximum of 50 hours, including overtime, and employees will have at least one day off every seven. All overtime will be on a voluntary basis. Under no circumstances will working weeks exceed the maximum limit permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Suppliers will pay employees at least the minimum wages provided for by applicable laws and regulations and will provide all mandatory benefits by law. In addition to the compensation for normal working hours, employees will receive compensation for overtime at the premium rate established by applicable laws and regulations. Suppliers will grant leave periods, permits and holidays in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Suppliers will maintain a transparent and reliable system for recording working hours and salaries and will punctually pay employees by clearly communicating the basis on which employees are paid. In addition, the Suppliers will provide for the stipulation of an accident insurance for all employees covering medical treatment for work accidents.


Freedom of association

Suppliers are required to respect the right of employees to freely associate with workers' organizations of their choice, set them up and become part of it, designate representatives and negotiate collective agreements, as allowed by applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with with the same. Suppliers will protect employee organizations against interference with their establishment, operation or administration in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Suppliers must commit to respecting the highest standards of ethical conduct in their relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.


Integrity in the conduct of business

Suppliers will not violate any international anti-corruption convention nor the applicable laws and regulations regarding the fight against corruption in force in the countries in which they operate and will not practice any form of corruption, extortion or embezzlement. Suppliers must comply with standards of commercial correctness in relation to advertising, sales and competition. The suppliers are required to maintain a high ethical standard, in particular in compliance with this Code of Conduct for Suppliers and good commercial practices. Suppliers are required to avoid conflicts of interest that could compromise the credibility of the supplier with MP. An example of such conflicts of interest could be represented by the case in which the Supplier is a member of an association whose fundamental values conflict with those of Marzocchi Pompe.


Mineral Supply

Marzocchi Pompe has adopted the policy of avoiding the supply of minerals from the Central African region. Suppliers will comply with the duty of care in relation to the procurement of these minerals contained in their products throughout the supply chain and, upon request, will make available the measures adopted.


Gifts and hospitality

Suppliers are required not to bestow or accept improper benefits or benefits that can be considered improper remuneration for the purpose of obtaining, maintaining or directing business or for the purpose of securing any other improper advantage in their business relations with Marzocchi Pompe. Such improper benefits (eg bribes) include money, products, pleasure trips, out-of-ordinary meals or other services. A benefit must meet the following requirements:

• the benefit must be allowed by local laws, regulations and policies.

• must have a clear and legitimate business objective;

• must not be offered in exchange for an improper advantage.

• the nature, value and frequency of the benefit must be appropriate to the occasion in which it is provided.

• the benefit must be provided in a transparent manner.


Information Disclosure

Suppliers must accurately record and disclose information relating to their activities, structure, financial situation and company performance in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and practices in use in the industry.


Protection of informants and anonymous reports

Suppliers will set up a reporting mechanism for employees that allows them to file workplace complaints and compliance violations in accordance with local laws and regulations. The protection and confidentiality of informants must be ensured and retaliation must be prohibited.


Community involvement

Suppliers are invited to involve the community in order to collaborate to promote social development and contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which they operate.


Data privacy, intellectual property and confidentiality

Data privacy and intellectual property rights must be respected. Suppliers are required to protect and use confidential information only in an appropriate manner. The transfer of technology and know-how must take place in a way that protects intellectual property rights.


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